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Olives South Australia Inc (OSA) is the peak industry body representing olive growers in South Australia since 1996.

Our vision is to ensure that OSA leads a profitable, sustainable and united olive industry for South Australia.

The Board of Olives SA is made up of growers (majority); processors, harvesting contractors and other invited representatives.

The object of Olives South Australia Inc is to:

  • Interact with the South Australian Government on behalf of the olive industry in South Australia.
  • Identify and recommend Research & Development projects to the Australian Olive Association (AOA) Research & Development Committee.
  • Be involved in the development of policy that impacts on growers at a State and regional level.
  • Support quality systems and processes.
  • Communicate and disseminate information to members via email and social media.
  • Administer activities such as workshops, field days and seminars to educate growers and consumers.

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY: Growers and Processors should be aware of their legal responsibilities regarding Occupational Health and Safety in relation to safe work practice and a safe work environment. It is strongly recommended that independent advice be obtained.


Olive Awards are an important industry initiative to increase growers' and consumers' knowledge and to improve the quality of Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and TableOlives. All growers are encouraged to enter.